New Dad Gaming – Ep. 128 – Switching to Apex Legends

This week, the dad’s dip their toes into Apex Legends, the newest Battle Royal contender with…surprisingly good reviews? They also discuss a wave of illnesses with the little ones, an update on Elite: Dangerous Distant Worlds 2, and Smash Brothers.
This week’s Gaming Dad Victory goes to Josh, who had a Smashing success bringing his kids sleepover together with gaming:

My kids are having a sleepover with a friend at our house. I bought Super Smash Bros Ultimate and they love it. With 3 girls, it’s hard to be the hero in things they’re interested in. However, when I unlocked Peach, there was a roar of girlish glee and cheers. Loved this game in 1999; love it today! from gaming

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