Ep. 173 – Great Mario, Wrong Zelda, Right Final Fantasy

This week the New Dad’s discuss their battles to limit their kid’s screen time (especially hard since they hated that happening as a gaming kids themselves).

Trevor speaks on how well Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury work for kids, also makes an impassioned argument for Final Fantasy 12 Remaster being the perfect Gaming Dad RPG.

This week’s Gaming Dad Victory goes to Perrozoso and his triumph of dusting off his old gaming gear.

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Show Notes:

Screen time in a pandemic

We explain how it applies to each of our family

  • Screen time is normalized, but still need to earn it
  • Variety is key: school, entertainment, gaming, social
  • Have a conversation with your kids, engage in a solution

Super Mario 3d World/Bowsers Fury

  • A dad review and how it may work for you
  • Co-op and gameplay info for parents/kids
  • Bowser’s Fury – is it appropriate for younger kids?


  • New dad gets out his gaming system after years of fatherhood!

FFXII – Remaster

– Recently on Game-pass
– Updates for dads
– Gambit system, saving, loading, more!
– Starts a bit slow, but worth your time!

Zelda’s 35 Anniversary

  • The wrong Zelda to remaster
  • Everyone wants WindWaker
  • Kid friendly!
  • Is it worth a rerelease with that full Nintendo price tag?
  • Motion controls with kids

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