New Dad Gaming – Episode 106 – Steamy Summer

Who doesn’t partake in a Steam Sale summer? I mean as a gaming dad I remember the Steam sales being much more lucrative than today, but it’s still a great chance to pick up some hidden gems.

That being said, I won’t be adding to my backlog, but rather consider games that my kids might want. Or better yet, get some games that we will both enjoy and talk about. Some ones I have in mind are City Skylines (for the Sim City aspect), oldies like Age of Empires or even dabble in some Civilization.

Yes, those examples mentioned are some pretty hard games for any kid under 10, but it’s more about learning mechanics, introducing math, strategy and decision-making, while having a bit of fun.. and no nuking foes with Gandhi.

Becoming a Google prodigy

Came across this story about a young kid that had developed an App Store top 10 by the age of 13. He was supporting his family with the app income, and started developing more and more apps. However, not every success story is without its faults. His grades started slipping and has mentioned that he had stopped ‘being a kid’ at one point. The New Dads wish him well; he sounds like a smart cookie and can help or engage a lot of people out there.

Easy (dad) mode enabled.

Back in the day, a hard game was something to conquer; something to practice, to strategize, to solve.

Nowadays, that goes out the window.

Fatherhood put extreme time constraints on gaming with the little responsibility that rolls into your world; and to have a game be so difficult that it takes your time and patience, it’ll be a game that ends up in your backlog, incomplete. Games should offer easy modes without punishment as well. Far too often, games will only have the best ending or the best gear available when you select the harder difficulty levels.

And now here’s someone who’s not necessarily a dad, but someone just as busy as one, and finds his gaming time is better served on easy mode.

esports betting and lootboxes

On the show we’ve talked about lootboxes and how it’s pretty much a pain in the butt. Now with esports gaining quite a bit of traction in the online betting world, there might be more of a spotlight on what constitutes gambling; including in-game lootboxes.

As a new dad gamer it’s a good conversation to have with your kids so they don’t fall into the microtransaction trap!

Fatherhood in games

Never would’ve ever thought Kratos could become a role-model for fatherhood… but here we are. Playing God of War for the PS4 definitely has its fatherhood moments, and it’s refreshing to see the character evolve over the years. Maybe it’s because people that have grown up with Kratos over the years and now are in that phase of getting married, owning a house and having kids.

The stakes are quite different when you have a responsibility like that, and this particular person’s story has taken elements from the game and applied it to raising his nephews. Games as art. Games as parenting inspiration.