Emotional controller

Having kids can be an awful lot for any parent. You will quickly learn that difficulty increases as kids grow, and like any good video game, you need to prepare, harness and craft the right equipment for the quest. Well, it looks like a startup in the United States is looking into creating another tool for your parental toolbox that looks at how kids cope and deal with emotional distress. As a new dad that games, this kind of idea of involving games as therapy is very interesting and hope to see it develop and grow in the future!

More Fears and Tears? Mightier Creates An Emotional Playground For Children

esports betting and lootboxes

On the show we’ve talked about lootboxes and how it’s pretty much a pain in the butt. Now with esports gaining quite a bit of traction in the online betting world, there might be more of a spotlight on what constitutes gambling; including in-game lootboxes.

As a new dad gamer it’s a good conversation to have with your kids so they don’t fall into the microtransaction trap!