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  • 315: Ep. 255 – Awards & Awkward

    This week the dads review the recent Game Awards, first a quick review of the more interesting winners, then the game reveals that have them most excited. Subscribe to the Podcast! Apple Podcasts:

  • 314: Ep. 254 – VR for the Busy Dad

    This week, the dads discuss a wish for a Battery Daddy, one dad dips back into Fortnite for it's end of Chapter 3 event, and another finally plays D&D thanks to VR. Subscribe to the Podcast! Apple Podcasts:

  • 313: Ep. 253 – Dad By Numbers – The Jeff Files

    This week Jeff takes the reins! He leads the show with 4 big happenings with his kids and gaming, and they are quite something. A big thank you to Bill of the podcast A Gamer Looks at 40 for his submitted story, and for Sebastion from "The Single Pla...

  • 312: Ep. 252 – Dad by Numbers

    What a big week! Trevor came with 6 surprise topics for Jeff to choose from based on a massive kid / dad / gaming week and left him stunned. Discover along with Jeff the massive gaming dad happenings as all the surprises are revealed! Subscribe to th...

  • 311: Ep. 251 – Laptops for Everybody

    This week the dads revel in their first Youtube Takedown thanks to...the French Horn? The dads discuss the joy that is DEEEER Simulator, Jeffs dips back into The Witcher 2, and Trevor looks at laptops for his son and ends up eying a new one for himse...

  • 310: Ep. 250 – God of War Or Dad of War

    This week, the dads discuss a kid's questionable purchase and ways they're trying to guide them, they talk about the new God of War game (or Dad of War game), and Jeff finds out that his kids are adapting to stay one step ahead of his tricks. Subscribe t...

  • 309: Ep. 249 – Dad Costumes And French Horns

    This week the dads discuss anew digital versus physical copies, last minute halloween costumes for dad, and why oh why would my son choose the French Horn?! Subscribe to the Podcast! Apple Podcasts:

  • 308: Ep. 248 – Sick Deck Sick Kid

    This week Jeff does his best to survive his illness, and thankfully has a Steam Deck to do so. He introduces his kid to Alien Isolation, while Trevor seeks help handling a kid scuffle and discovers Torchlight Infinite. Subscribe to the Podcast!   Apple P...

  • 307: Ep. 247 – Dads on Deck – SteamDeck Aquired

    Jeff went ahead and bought one! The SteamDeck is in his hands and he gives us his gaming dad take. Trevor discusses his kid throwing shade that he's farther in a game than him, and the dads remind all gaming dads that with toddlers it gets better. Subscr...

  • 306: Ep. 246 – Sins Of The Gaming Father Two

    This week, one dad admits a terrible gaming dad sin he's committed while also getting into a free mobile game, while another dad revisits a classic in Spore. Subscribe to the Podcast! Apple Podcasts:

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