esports betting and lootboxes

On the show we’ve talked about lootboxes and how it’s pretty much a pain in the butt. Now with esports gaining quite a bit of traction in the online betting world, there might be more of a spotlight on what constitutes gambling; including in-game lootboxes.

As a new dad gamer it’s a good conversation to have with your kids so they don’t fall into the microtransaction trap!

Fatherhood in games

Never would’ve ever thought Kratos could become a role-model for fatherhood… but here we are. Playing God of War for the PS4 definitely has its fatherhood moments, and it’s refreshing to see the character evolve over the years. Maybe it’s because people that have grown up with Kratos over the years and now are in that phase of getting married, owning a house and having kids.

The stakes are quite different when you have a responsibility like that, and this particular person’s story has taken elements from the game and applied it to raising his nephews. Games as art. Games as parenting inspiration.

New Dad Gaming – Episode 99 – Son, don’t bring Fortnite into this PUBG House

This week, the dad’s review their gaming lives now and in the early years as they started their fatherhood journey. They drum up some nostalgia for Atari as their new console nears release, and they talk about how a gaming dad would cope with their son wanting to go pro.

Gaming Dad Victory of the Week goes to Graeme, who had a breakthrough gaming moment with his daughter over a shared No Man’s Sky session.

New Dad Gaming – Episode 98 – God of War: Dad-ing SImulator

This week, the dad’s are all over the latest Dad Simulator game, God of War, and give their perspective on the smash hit from their own fatherhood perspective.

One dad shepherds another as his child wants to play with the big boys, and they discuss Fortnite scholerships and Valve.

The Gaming Dad Victory of the Week goes to James as walks in one a dream gaming dad moment.

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New Dad Gaming – Episode 97 – Cool Math…The Game!

This week, one dad shares a hard learned lesson about video games from his kid’s “school”. They also talk through some questionable other games for little ones, and revel in the upcoming dad title, God of War 3.

This week’s Gaming Dad Victory of the Week goes to Gaming Dad Joe, and his passing on the gaming torch to his child.

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