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  • Unlimited screen time?

    Came across this article with a fellow dad and his interesting perspective on screen time and his family. He takes the angle that games are teaching kids about various subjects […]

  • Becoming a Google prodigy

    Came across this story about a young kid that had developed an App Store top 10 by the age of 13. He was supporting his family with the app income, […]

  • Fortnite and $100,000,000

    If you were ever somewhat serious about esports, now is the time to jump in. Epic going all in and offering $100,000,000 in prize money for the 2018-2019 competitive Fortnite […]

  • Easy (dad) mode enabled.

    Back in the day, a hard game was something to conquer; something to practice, to strategize, to solve. Nowadays, that goes out the window. Fatherhood put extreme time constraints on […]

  • Fatherhood in games

    Never would’ve ever thought Kratos could become a role-model for fatherhood… but here we are. Playing God of War for the PS4 definitely has its fatherhood moments, and it’s refreshing […]

  • Article: Good News for Gaming Dads Who Want to Share Their Hobby

    From the Article: “Researchers at the University of York have found no evidence to support the theory that video games make players more violent. In a series of experiments, with […]

  • Keeping the peace…

    How my boys play splitscreen. from gaming

  • New Dad Gaming – Episode 28 – E3 and Next Gen Dads

    Topics Discussed: Beer Picks Game Stop E3 Predictions / Hopes Falling behind the times DLC Games Discussed: Mario No Man’s Sky Star Wars: Battlefront Mech Warrior Agents of Mayhem Last […]

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